INTRODUCTION AND FOUNDATION: Truva Giyim San ve Tic A.Ş.  and Zeyteks Tekstil San ve Dıs Tic Ltd was established in 2001. Our headoffice building is in Istanbul and has 10.000 m2  of closed area. It is just 10 minutes faraway from Istanbul Atatürk International Airport. Our product establishments are in Bursa and Luleburgaz in Turkey. Bursa factory has 15.000 m2 and Luleburgaz factory has 12.000 m2 closed area.
OUR MISSION: Our aim is to apply the philosophy of just in time production with proper price by meeting the customer's quality and reliability expectations and make our customers satisfaction at its peaks in every part of the company.
OUR VISION: To be one of the few companies who can produce the quality, can make international competition, open to newness, to be the leader in the market at its production quality and variety, always open to development and invests to future .
PRODUCTION CAPACITY: The aim of Truva Giyim and Zeyteks Tekstil is to give the service and products suitable to world standarts.In our productions customer satisfaction is the main subject. Our product always meet the highest quality and the performance standart. Fort his reason we have the satisfaction of producing always the best and have the excitement effort of being perfect. Our production capacity per month at Bursa 600.000 pcs and at Luleburgaz 400.000 pcs. Our placement print department ın Istanbul has 600.000 units / month production capacity. Our embrodery department  ın Bursa has 250.000 units / month production capacity.
TARGET MARKETS: Truva Giyim and Zeyteks Tekstil are focused on the knitting clothing for ladies,children and mens.We export these products to especially Europe zone and all the other countries.
OUR ORGANIZATION: Our company has employee who are being proud of Truva Giyim and Zeyteks Tekstil by its products and services, highly motivated and has the principle of changing through development. Our headquarters office is in Istanbul which has 10.000 m2 closed area with experienced managers and 200 workers ready to give  service to you. Bursa factory has 15.000 closed area with 550 workers and Luleburgaz factory has 12.000 m2 closed area with 350  workers.